Many wonder if buying snow tires is a worth while purchase.  Well I would say so!  Snow tires are designed to operate in cooler temperatures with a softer rubber compound providing better traction in snow and icy conditions.  Tread designs are also optimized to improve traction during these conditions. 
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Can I install just 2 snow tires for now?
No.  Tire manufactures strongly recomend against this.  You should run 4 matching tires during all season's especially during the winter season.

How do I know when I should install and remove snow tires for the season?
Winter tires are designed to run in colder weather and will wear much faster when the temperature warms up.  Ma

nufactures recommend when temperatures are consistently below 45F/7C to install winter tires.

When should tires be replaced?
When tires reach 4/32's you should consider replacing them.  Ask your service advisor to have yours checked next time your in for an oil change.

How should I store my off season tires?
Well you can store them with us and not have to worry about moving them or handling them... and they are right here waiting for you next season when you want to install them!  Oh and did I mention that they are fully insured when stored with us!  Worry free storage... ask your service advisor.  I

If you chose to store them yourself tires should be stored sidewall to sidewall, on a pallet or on something to keep them away from direct contact with a concrete floor.  Preferably in a garage or basement.  Keeping them out of direct light is also not a bad idea during storage.

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