• What should I know about buying snow tires?

    Many wonder if buying snow tires is a worth while purchase.  Well I would say so!  Snow tires are designed to operate in cooler temperatures with a softer rubber compound providing better traction in snow and icy conditions.  Tread designs are also optimized to improve traction during these conditions. 

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  • Ram is Canada's most durable diesel pick up!!

    Ram continues to be a leader in the competitive truck market.  The Ram line has something for everyone... looking for fuel economy?  Well you should be a Ram owner!  The Ram 1500 ECO-Diesel is the most fuel efficient pick up truck on the market today... period!  Need a truck that can handle a heavy pull?  The Ram heavy duty is capable of towing up to 31,210 LB when combined with the proper equipment available from a factory order.  This gives the heavy duty ram an available gross combined weight rating of 39,100 LB. 
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